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Dimensions : H: 16cm L: 7cm P: 6cm
Material: High quality resin

This bust represents Napoleon in his uniform as colonel of the mounted hunters of the Imperial Guard. Not a detail is forgotten: the hand slipped into the jacket, the medals and of course his legendary cocked hat!

Propaganda tool

Napoleon, a precursor of modern propaganda, knew how to maintain his image. Riding his white steed and anxious to be recognized by his men on the battlefield, he always appeared dressed in a gray frock coat and his famous cocked hat with the tricolor cockade.

Why did Napoleon prefer this uniform? 

First of all for its elegance and sobriety but also because only one other person wore this uniform in the Grande Armée: the colonel of the mounted hunters of the Imperial Guard!

Thus, this avoided confusion while allowing Napoleon to send a clear message to his troops: I too am with you, I am your commander and I started as a second lieutenant. 

The message: it's up to you to give the best of yourself to get there and cover yourself with glory and honor. Didn't we say at the time "in the bag of every French soldier there is a marshal's baton".

The mounted hunters of the Guard

This light cavalry unit was attached to the famous Imperial Guard, armed in the army made up of elite soldiers hand-picked in the service of the Emperor. These men, carefully selected for their military prowess and seniority, protected the Emperor in all circumstances. They acted as real bodyguards.

A strong French imprint 

This bust designed and painted in our workshops in Compiègne offers you a modern and very decorative alternative to the Roman imperial bust. 

This version mixes the martial and traditional spirit with the Pop culture of modern heroes. 

Made from a quality resin, this bust is painted and varnished with epoxy in order to retain its colors for as long as necessary.

In order to bring originality and personality to the object, we decided to offer it in a varied palette of bright and fun colors. Thus the severe figure of the Emperor will find its place at a low price in all interiors and will delight adults and children alike, enthusiasts or informed amateurs. 

A Napoleon for all, all for Napoleon!

Each bust being made by hand, the photos are not contractual.

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Buste Napoléon "pop" - Napoleon World

An accessible bust

Offered with 14 different colors, this bust allows you to express in an original way your attachment to this memorable epic.

You can buy them color by color, by color "pack" ("candy") ", "fluorescent", "metallic") or even decide not to choose and take advantage of a 30% discount for the purchase of all busts.