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Napoleon Bitcoin Style

Napoleon Bitcoin Style

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H : 16cm L : 11cm P : 6cm

Attention !
Handmade piece made to order! Manufacturing time: 2 weeks, delivery time: D+15 working days

A vibrant blend of historical bravery and cryptographic rebellion, this Napoleonic Bitcoin Bust is an extraordinary collector's item, designed specifically for decentralization enthusiasts, the Degen Crypto! Cut and manufactured in France with artisanal precision, this bust encapsulates the essence of the blockchain revolution in the daring spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The sculpture is bathed in a vibrant orange finish, the symbolic color of Bitcoin, and comes with a bling chain that honors the bold side of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The Emperor, adorned with his iconic bicorne, is here represented as the imposing godfather of the modern financial revolution.

Why Napoleon? It was he who established the Bank of France and established property rights in the country. By diverting its image, we leave room for interpretation and reflection on our current economic system.

Limited edition :
Only 21 busts have been created, with a rarity that reflects the maximum number of millions of Bitcoins that will ever exist. With one copy already given away, there are only 20 left.

Price : Each is offered at the exclusive price of €210.

Bold design: Inspired by our popular model, this bust brings an extra bit of crypto soul, embodying the fury and passion of cryptocurrency aficionados.

Order this limited-edition centerpiece and express your passion and dedication to the disruptive world of blockchain with a touch of historic elegance.

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