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Exceptional Cognac Maison Héritier - An Authenticated Napoleonic Heritage

Exceptional Cognac Maison Héritier - An Authenticated Napoleonic Heritage

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Napoleon world is pleased to formalize a partnership with Cognac Heritage

Discover the perfect alchemy of three universes merged into an exceptional work by the Maison de Cognac Héritier. Inspired by the excellence of the distillery of the most prestigious spirits, the meticulous art of goldsmithing, and the emblematic grandeur of Napoleon I, each bottle is a celebration of French heritage and history.


  • Each work is meticulously authenticated, benefiting from blockchain digital certification.
  • Certification of Napoleon's DNA by Maison Drouot or Osenat, ensuring their exceptional authenticity.
  • Notarized certification, guaranteeing authenticity at every significant step.

Superior quality :

  • A cognac of incomparable quality, illustrating the perfection of traditional know-how.
  • Distilled with organic brandy, and undergoing rigorous filtration to eliminate any imperfections.

Aromatic Profile:

  • Presents a captivating golden color, revealing silky and fruity aromas.
  • On the nose, it expresses subtle notes of candied fruits, red fruits and vanilla, blending harmoniously with nuances of caramel, apricot and almond.
  • On the palate, it surprises with its roundness and ends with a delicate woody note, testimony to its controlled aging in oak barrels.

History :

  • Inspired by Napoleon's admiration for this "nectar of the gods", and its unique history during his exile on Saint Helena, where he took precious cases of cognac.
  • This cognac, carefully aged for at least 6 years in oak barrels, pays homage to the rich history and passion of the Emperor for this divine spirit.

Conclusion :

Maison Héritier is not content to create a simple cognac, but rather a masterful work, a sublime marriage between history, art and French know-how, offering a unique sensory and historical experience.

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