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Flag of the Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

Flag of the Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard

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Do you want to keep alive the memory of the Napoleonic epic in your home, this page of history that continues to captivate people's minds?

We have exactly what you need!

Close your eyes and let your imagination take control. You are immersed in the heart of the tumults of this fascinating era. The smell of gunpowder tickles your nostrils, while the bewitching military music of the guard resounds in your living room or your favorite room. You are about to confront the Austro-Russian forces at Austerlitz, and the cries of "VIVE L'EMPEREUR!" resound in your ears, carried by your comrades in arms.

With Napoleon Experience, you have the opportunity to recreate the unique atmosphere of this era by putting your favorite places in the colors of the Guard.

From Marengo to Waterloo, this elite unit has fought valiantly in all the major battles of the Empire. Remember this famous quote during the Battle of Eylau, when a reckless grenadier fired his musket and an officer commanding the guard cried: "The guard fights with bayonets!" Through her prowess, she has earned the respect and fear of all enemy military units.

This flag represents the emblem of this legendary unit and is of rare quality. Made in Europe by internationally renowned master craftsmen, every detail is handmade. These flags are identical to those used by today's re-enactment regiments, using the same raw materials and production methods as then.

In order to celebrate the nation and the heritage of Napoleon, Napoleon experiences offers you an exclusive 20% discount on National Day, July 14. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire this historic symbol that will rekindle your passion for this unforgettable era.

By offering this product, we wish to pay tribute to the memory of the Imperial Guard and continue his legacy in your home. We also recommend that you discover the captivating series of films on Captain Jean Roch Coignet, available on the Internet.

So, join us in this memorable adventure and remember together: LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!

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