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Napoleon's saber

Napoleon's saber

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Treat yourself to more than a sword

Just like Ridley Scott and Joachim Phoenix, fall for this replica of exceptional design and manufacturing quality.

It is a replica of a saber of a senior officer of the horse hunters of the Imperial Guard (the original was sold for more than €100K).

Undoubtedly the selection of this piece by the production of the film is due to its flamboyant and luxurious appearance with the idea of ​​further raising the stature of Emperor Napoleon I. 

Characteristics of this exceptional piece

  • A Cinematic Legacy: Used by Napoleon in Ridley Scott's film about Napoleon.
  • Aesthetics and Precision: With its brass guard decorated with a Gorgon's head and its lion's head cap, this saber is an example of artistic craftsmanship.
  • Fine Details: The blade is decorated with gold and blued engravings, geometric and plant motifs, testifying to exceptional know-how.
  • Balanced Proportions: This saber, measuring 102.5 cm for an ideal weight, is as practical as it is aesthetic.

A rare and limited production.

It is an exclusive model of which we have the honor of being able to offer distribution. Our partner, a historic player in the world reconstruction, is located in Saint-Malo. It provides the most demanding associations on the fidelity of their replicas.

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